The Mystery of the Missing Chef

The Mystery of the Missing Chef expert guide is an excursion into the Medieval times. You will wind up in an experience loaded up with different riddles. The activity happens in a made up middle age realm called Mirtoland. The ruler here is The best Gerald the Extremely Shrewd. A Chef expert named Alfred has as of late disappeared here. Alfred’s cakes are one of Mirtoland’s principal trades, so somebody should assist Lord Gerald with finding out where he is.

You’ll assemble data about Alfred’s whereabouts by finishing the jobs that show up at the lower part of the screen

You’ll have to speak with the residents, travel, search for hints and tackle puzzles. Toward the end, you’ll have the option to bring the main home.

the lower part of the screen.

These objectives incorporate doing things like conversing with residents, venturing out to various areas, looking for explicit hints or items,…

Whenever you have finished these targets, you ought to have accumulated sufficient data to take Alfred back to the realm.